Method And Experience Of Fishing Groupers

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Many people are complaining that lure has not been caught so far. There is no good way. After all, lure is not like other fishing methods. It is through repeated throwing, repeated failures and repeated successes. There are also many people who are obsessed with a certain type of fake bait. I never favor the kind of fake lure. For lure bait, it is only suitable and not suitable. All lure people should have this confidence! In fact, lure is sometimes so simple, sometimes it is not easy, this may be the unique charm of lure! Not for fish, but to enjoy the happiness that is close to nature. It may be a sentiment, perhaps a responsibility, or perhaps a feeling that you can explain it!

Less nonsense, back to the topic, teach you how to lure grouper!
Personal understanding of lure grouper is relatively easy to get a target fish! The reason is very simple. It is a settled species, not another species. As long as the method is correct, it is easy to be deceived by the fake bait! Want to lure the grouper, first understand some of the life habits and characteristics of the grouper, it is very important for your choice of fishing position!

Habits and characteristics:

The grouper is a low-layer fish in warm water. It likes to settle. It only moves with the tide and temperature changes, and generally does not leave the sea where it inhabits and preys. The temperament is fierce, like to eat live food, but fear of the wind, fear of the waves, hi quiet, warm. Every year from about 4 to June is the breeding season, less foraging, difficult to catch! After the breeding season, as long as the method is correct, it is easy to be confused by the lure.

Fishing point selection:

The grouper is the bottom fish, the island reef hole, the anti-wave, the deep water pier has its figure. It is extremely important to catch it. Because it is afraid of the wind and waves, especially like the clear water environment, the selection must be selected in the island reef cave.  anti-wave  (irregular stone column oh)

The place where the reefs are crowded! The waves can’t be too big, the water is clear, and the personal experience is easy to catch it under the water flowing parallel to the shore.

Timing and selection:

1, timing, very all lure objects like sea fish, morning faint is the first choice! After a night of ebb and flow, when the sky is bright, I think of it as a fish! In the evening, the vigilance of the fish will be reduced! (This is also the fact that many sea fishermen do not fight)

2, choose the tide level, strictly speaking, the grouper does not attach great importance to the tide level like other fish, (depending on the specific fishing environment) if it is necessary to say something on the tide level, compared to the period from half tide to dry tide The golden age of lure grouper! (low tide)

Lure bait selection and operation:

It can not be said that any lure bait can get it, not limited to that. If you want to save effort and don’t want to be too troublesome, you can choose rock (and chubby) to be very attractive to it, and it is easy to get. In the operation of lure, you don’t need too much skill, you can recycle it at a constant speed, but you need to explain that the lure stone spot can not be taken too fast (personal experience)

Give it a chance, if it’s faster, it doesn’t like biting, so lure grouper, rather slower, can’t accept too fast!

Other matters:

Because it is often hidden in complex areas such as stone caves or reef groups, lure should be completely locked by the fishing reel, and the front wire should be as good as possible to wear good carbon wire! The stone spot will quickly retreat after attacking the bait. At this time, the hand should be quickly pulled, and it should not be sloppy. Once you let it into the cave, it is more difficult to let it out again!

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