Method of loading a fishing line on a Spinning reel

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Some tackle shops have machines that can load line onto your fishing reel but you can also do it yourself. Here is how.

Lift the bail up (up is open, down is closed).

Run your line from the spool of line through the rod guides, starting at the tip of the rod, and tie it to the spool of the reel using a uni-knot.
Close the bail.

Adjust the drag so the bail will load line on the reel.

Have another person hold the spool of line and make sure the line feeds off the top of the spool to avoid twists.

Reel the line in while the second person holds onto the spool of line. Either the person holding the spool or the person reeling the line on the spool will need to apply pressure to the line to wind it on the spool tightly.

Fill your spool until it is 1/8 th inch from the rim. Do not overfill as this creates casting problems.

What to know before you buy:

Know the size of your target species and use appropriate tackle. Some lines work best with certain tackle or a particular type of fishing.

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