Introduction of various fishing commonly used sinker

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Introduction of various fishing commonly used sinker.

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Split shot: 

A type of sinker with a split cutting halfway through that can be crimped and uncrimped onto fishing line to add weight quickly and easily.  Buy at Amazon discount



Pyramid sinker:
Three to four sided sinker that comes in different weights used to keep bait on the bottom in waves and currents such as in the surf or pier fishing over sand. When a fish grabs the bait, the line is sharply pulled causing the pyramid sinker to free itself easily. Fishing line is attached to the loop on the sinker.  Buy at Amazon discount


Egg sinker:
A type of weight shaped like an egg with a hole in the center, designed to roll over rocks and rubble. Fishing line goes through the hole and is secured by a knot or swivel. This allows the line to move through the sinker when it is on the bottom. See fish finder rig.  Buy at Amazon discount


Dipsey sinker/swivel sinker:
An egg-shaped weight used for multi-directional trolling or for bottom fishing with live bait. The fishing line is attached to the weight using the loop of wire or swivel. The swivel embedded in the sinker decreases line twisting. Some have a snapping mechanism that allows for easy adding on or removal of the weight from the fishing line.  Buy at Amazon discount


Bank sinker:

Bell-shaped weight with a small hole at the top for the fishing line. Made to stay on the bottom without getting stuck, don’t snag easily, and have a good casting distance. Buy at Amazon discount



Sputnik sinker:

Unique design holds sinker on the bottom using the four stainless steel wire arms that lock into place to anchor it in substrate such as sand.Excellent for use in currents and tidal areas. Jerking the rod tip to collapse the arms back for easy retrieval.  Buy at Amazon discount


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