Classification and selection of fishing lines

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What to know before you buy:

Know the size of your target species and use appropriate tackle. Some lines work best with certain tackle or a particular type of fishing.

Pound test:

The pound test of fishing line means the weight at which the line would break at a direct, straight pull.

Monofilament fishing line (mono):

The most commonly used and most versatile line. Mono stretches under pressure, which may be good and bad depending upon your needs. Stretch may weaken the strength of a line, but it also gives you more reaction time when a fish runs or jumps. Mono is available in many different colors, which are appropriate to different water conditions. Typically, anglers pick a color that will be least visible in the water. There are times when fluorescent lines may be best.

Nylon copolymer-resin monofilaments:

A newer variation of the traditional mono.
These lines offer more flexibility than traditional mono, are easier to cast and are
more accurate.

Superbraid fishing lines:

Superbraid is sensitive to vibrations and is thinner than traditional mono lines. These attributes allow for anglers to detect “pick-ups” from a fish while also allowing for increased line capacity on a reel. These lines are also easy to cast, have little to no memory, and tend to cost more than traditional mono.

Dacron braided fishing lines (braid):

Dacron lines have very little stretch, are relatively limp and have little or no memory. This means the line won’t stay coiled or kinked once spooled onto a reel.

Wire and monel lines:

These specialized lines are often used for trolling in strong currents because they sink quickly. Wire is prone to kinking, so take care when letting this line out or reeling in. Monel, or lead-core lines, are more flexible and less likely to tangle than wire line but still offer the same weight. Both lines areo ptimal for conventional reels with extra line capacity (to handle the wider diameter lines) and chromed-bronze spools for corrosion resistance.
Fly fishing line: Specialized line that comes in different weights and tapers that either float or sink. Be sure to match the number on the line label to the number on the fly rod to balance the rod.

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